Watch: Retail Review – Christmas, Easter and beyond

06.03.2018 Posted by TM Regionals

Our trade marketing director Rob Carter looks back at Christmas 2017 retail performance and looks forward to the key spring/summer retail and leisure opportunities that your business could be taking advantage of.     Another year has come and gone for the UK retail sector, and few years could claim to have been as turbulent.…


Don’t miss out on this year’s Easter spend

26.02.2018 Posted by TM Regionals

Easter spend was huge in 2017, with sales rising 4.5% to make the event worth £575 million to UK retailers. That success is expected to continue in 2018. Research suggests that 60% of consumers will buy Easter gifts this year, and each person will spent £41 on average. Easter also attracts spending on DIY /…


Why video is vital when it comes to showcasing your business

13.02.2018 Posted by TM Regionals

How big will video be in 2018? That’s an easy one: VERY big. Many saw 2017 as the year of video marketing, but it’s set to be even bigger this year. So is your business making the most of video? People love watching video online because it’s so easy to consume and share. According to…


How Facebook is changing – and what you can do to keep reaching your customers

02.02.2018 Posted by TM Regionals

Facebook is making far-reaching changes to the way businesses and brands appear in users’ feeds, which means that your posts will likely lose some visibility over the coming weeks. Watch as our trade marketing director Rob Carter summarises what’s happening – and reveals how you can ensure that your business is not negatively impacted by…


Brilliant apps for busy sales and marketing people

19.01.2018 Posted by TM Regionals

As good as video and conference calls are, there are lots of times you’ll find yourself out on the road. Whether you’re a sales rep or a marketing manager there are lots of apps to help lighten the load, as our trade marketing director Rob Carter discovers.     When I started repping I had…