Digital Display Advertising

There are dozens of ad types available for you to utilise, including rich media, video and interactive adverts, all of which we can provide. Here’s some examples of some of the ad formats we offer…


This is a traditional banner, positioned right at the top of the page for maximum impact. It typically occupies most of the width of the page.


A highly effective ad spot right at the top of the page above the main navigation bar. These can contain flat imagery or rich media to deliver strong results from an eye-catching position.

Mobile overlay

Mobile overlays are a highly effective large format advertising unit designed to help you connect with a mobile audience.

Page Takeover

Our takeovers wrap around the website’s main content and occupy all available advertising spots. A takeover is the most visible, impactful and effective option available.


Multiple Purpose Units (MPU) - These versatile square-shaped ad spaces occupy a prime spot among the web page’s main content – usually above the fold. They can include flat or interactive content and users can click through to your landing page – great for driving awareness and traffic.

MMA Banner

Just like the app version of this ad slot, the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) Banner is ‘sticky’ so your advert stays visible as users scroll down through the content.

Targeted and Optimised

Whilst a traditional multi-format advertising campaign is the perfect way to reach a wide audience, we offer a suite of targeting and optimisation tools that can be called on to boost the success of your campaign and maximise the return on your investment.
By scrutinising user behaviour, demographics, locations and topics in order to target the perfect audience, your campaign will reach the right people with ruthless effectiveness. What’s more you’ll be able to measure the success in ways besides sales conversions, by assessing how users interact with your advertising.

If you’re looking for a tailored solution then an optimised campaign is the most bespoke digital product we offer. Our optimisation specialists have multiple targeting systems and tools at their disposal which they will use to make sure your message is placed directly in front of potential customers. A campaign manager will assist you in setting the brief and then oversee the campaign on your behalf, ensuring that it’s performing as agreed by providing detailed reports.